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Notes: Just a silly little drabble I wrote for Venivincere's Post-Coital Chat Challenge.


by switchknife

'You do realize that...'


'I'm not--'


'I mean, just because I--just because we--'

'Mmph.' A rustling of sheets. 'Shut up, Ron.'

Startled silence. 'But Harry, I...'

''M tired. Fucked through bed, rem'mber?'

'But Harry, I'm having a fucking sexual identity crisis here!'

'Fuckin', yes. Crisis, no.'


The sleep-tousled head turned away. 'Wake m' up f' breffass.'

Ron glared indignantly at the boy-shaped lump under the blankets. 'We have to have this discussion, you know.'

'Hmph.' Harry snuggled closer to plant a damp, distracted kiss on Ron's shoulder. ''ll suck y' cock 'fore breffass. Feel all better, 'kay?'

Ron gaped.

Harry, after a few moments of quiet, warm breathing, began to snore.

* FIN *

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