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Notes: Written on the spur of the moment for Eodrakken, Keeper of Peter Pettigrew. Set during the MWPP-era.


by switchknife


So pale and unjust, Sirius' skin. Smooth and perfect. Sirius is his opposite in everything. Strong where he is weak, vicious where he is kind, sharp where he is giving, firm where he is soft. And smooth. So smooth. Sirius trusts him, because Sirius is blind--Sirius believes him when he says that he's going to the library to study. Sirius believes him when he says he's never seen Lucius Malfoy, when he startles at the title of Death Eater, as if he doesn't know. Sirius believes him when he says he likes Maggie Abbott. Sirius believes him when he catches Sirius kissing Remus the night before the full moon, and says that he doesn't mind.

Sirius trusts him more than Sirius trusts Remus, though. When Sirius comes to him one night after James and Lily's marriage, eyes gleaming, and asks him to keep a secret, he doesn't smile. Sirius believes him when he says he'll keep it. Sirius believes him, but Sirius is blind.


* FIN *

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