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Notes: Inspired by and titled after this gorgeous artwork by Lizard.


by switchknife


Severus' fingers tangled in the warm rug, hips arching to meet Harry's downward thrusts. Harry's thighs were trembling with effort, glistening with sweat--he was beautiful, beautiful, mouth open and panting and parting on sighs that turned into moans only to lapse back into sighs again. The slow undulations of his hips caused the tight, oiled heat of his anus to slide back and forth around Severus' cock, and his hands were hot and clammy as they gripped Severus' shoulders for balance.

'In me... yes, in me...' Harry whispered as he lowered himself again, letting his head fall forward and sweat drip from his hair, cool and salt-sweet, onto Severus' gasping mouth.

Perhaps it was this that finally caused Severus to break, to reach around with one hand and pull Harry harshly down onto himself. The sharp thrust caused Harry to cry out, and Severus almost came at the intensity of it, the blinding, dark, impossibly tight heat of it, burning him and swallowing him and yes.

'In you,' Severus growled, and thrust upwards again--the force almost causing Harry's hands to slip off Severus' shoulders--and before Harry could even give voice to his cry Severus was coming, exploding, hot and hurt and bright and breaking and sudden, mouth opening on a muffled shout as he felt his come fill the tight channel around him, surprisingly cool within that burning heat.

One last jerk caused Harry to bounce and gasp--and then Severus fell back against the rug, back sore with strain and friction, mouth gasping, hair plastered to his temples with sweat.

He responded hazily when Harry leaned down to kiss him, and Severus registered distantly that he was the one who was trembling now.

'In me,' Harry sighed contentedly, closing his eyes as he opened Severus' mouth with his own.

In you, Severus echoed silently, unable to think of anything else, do anything else.

Harry's hands slipped down his arms and up again, soothing repetitive motions, but he was still hard against Severus' stomach. He had come twice before, after all, whereas Severus had been waiting to come all night--and when Harry lifted off him, slow, wet inches of departure, Severus moaned at the pull on his softening cock.

'Shhh,' Harry murmured, lying down beside Severus and pressing himself close--young smooth skin pressed all up against him, flushed and moist and warm. Severus leaned in to kiss him this time, reaching out to pull Harry closer, tongue slipping into Harry's mouth even as his hand ran down the curve of Harry's back.

'Yes,' Harry gasped when Severus' hand finally moved around to cup his erection--clasping it comfortably, warmly, running slow fingers up and down its length.

'Yes.' Harry let his head fall back onto the rug, closing his eyes--and Severus, still soft from his own orgasm, felt arousal stir him again as Harry raised his hips in languid waves, the damp hair of his pubis brushing Severus' wrist repeatedly.

'Yes,' when Severus' hand sped up; 'yes' when it curled tight and made Harry writhe, face flushed and taut as though with pain. No more patience now. Harry's thrusts became shorter, sharper--and when Harry came, for the third time that night, his back arched and his muscles clenched, and Severus felt the heat of Harry's sperm splash his fingers a moment before that heavy scent, bitter and wet and familiar, filled the air.

Harry had come almost soundlessly--he always was quieter in sex than he was in most other things--and Severus found his mouth curving at the thought as he gathered Harry close, brushing his face and mouth with soft, light kisses, comforting Harry through his tremors just as Harry had comforted him through his.


* FIN *

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