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Notes: Written for Nope, who wanted Snape/Lily/James. Structure followed: 1 / 2 / 3 / 2 / 1.


by switchknife



Lily's mouth is soft, warm and open under his own--and when he lifts his palms to cup her breasts, heavy and comfortable in their weight, she sighs against his skin in a cool rush of breath.


Lily's voice is sharp when he overhears her fighting with Potter--her robes rustle loudly, angrily, and when she leaves the classroom she doesn't notice Severus waiting outside.


Potter's hands are tight on his collar when he throws Severus against the wall--his eyes are invisible behind the angry glint of his glasses, but his face is twisted in a scowl. Severus doesn't say anything, because he doesn't need to, because they both know Lily's his--and the rage in Potter's eyes, his futility, blossoms in the thunder of his pulse before he slams Severus' head against the stone and, in the bursting pain of the following moments, Severus' lips against his own. Potter's mouth is hot, cruel and open over Severus'--and when Severus lifts his palms to smooth along the rough wool-clad shoulders, Potter snarls and pushes him away.


Lily's voice is small when she speaks to him in the empty Potions classroom--quiet when she takes his hand in hers, gentle when she tells him she's sorry. Severus, when he leaves, is not surprised to see Potter waiting for her outside.


Lily's mouth is soft, warm under Potter's--Severus knows this, because he watches, and when Potter's palms lift to cup her breasts, heavy and silken in their weight, she moans against Potter's shoulder in a slow arch of breath.


* FIN *

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