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Notes: The Room of Requirement provides two students with exactly what they need--a place they hate in order to do a thing they hate. Well, almost. Written for the 'Come Shots' challenge on Pornish Pixies.


Room of Requirement
by switchknife


The narrow bed creaked beneath them, flea-bitten blankets clenched in their hands. Severus turned his face aside to avoid the wet, almost canine huffs of breath on his face--revolting--as that familiar cock, hot and hurting, slid tightly into his arse. An involuntary whine almost escaped him before he stopped it, biting on a sweaty lip, and he watched through pain-hazed eyes as Black threw his head back, groaned, and rocked forward until his balls slapped Severus' thighs with a thump.

A steady rhythm was set, somehow Gryffindor in its boring predictability, and Severus' lip curled in disgust even as Black hauled his thighs up and fucked him harder, steady in-out-in-out-in-out. The bed rocked dangerously and Severus panicked, gripping its edges with the sudden surety that it would collapse under the weight of Black's thrusts.

'Yes,' Black seemed to be panting, 'yes...' And Severus rolled his eyes, co-operating as his knees were pushed back onto his shoulders, the rhythm getting faster and more disjointed as Black made more of those stupid grunting noises, lips drawn back and teeth bared, chest straining under sweat, taut belly slapping again and again onto Severus' hard, leaking cock. Severus hated this ratty bed, the stink of this dirty, dusty room, the way his penis twitched every time Black hit his prostate. Hated it, hated it... hated that Black wouldn't even look at him, that Black's eyes were closed, as though he wasn't the one who'd started this, the bastard, as though he...

'Yes, yes, yes, yes...'

Shut up, you fool... Severus grit his teeth, balls tightening as the pace increased even further, unbelievable, and his cock felt hurt and hot and wet, and the bed creaked louder and louder and Black was moaning now, a constant litany of fuck yes yes fuck yes Merlin yes and Snape hated it, that Black didn't even have the common courtesy to reach down and wank him off, because Severus wasn't letting go of the bed, not when one of Black's forward surges would send his head smashing into the wall. Inconsiderate bastard.

And so, with a vengeful smirk, he clenched viciously around Black's invading prick.

'AH!' Black's eyes snapped open, glittering and dark and angry. Severus caught his breath at the hatred in them before Black sneered down at Severus' purple, angry cock, and Severus felt a wave of hatred of his own.

Touch me, damn it, he thought, refusing to ask, but Black's hand was already reaching, fingers callous-roughened from Quidditch, to wrap around Severus' cock.

Severus bucked and moaned--suddenly, loudly--and Black grinned down at him so victoriously that Severus literally felt bile rise in his throat. Bastard, he thought, bastard, and didn't realize he'd said it out loud until Black threw back his head, hair black and sleek, and laughed.

It only took two tugs, the second rougher than the first, for Severus' hips to arch. 'Whore,' Black hissed.

Severus came.



* FIN *

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