(This isn't [info]achiasa's fault, but it might as well be.)

Tezuka cleared his throat. Ryoma looked up in surprise.

"Echizen," Tezuka said as seriously as he could given the circumstances. "I have something I wish to discuss with you."

"Buchou?" murmured Ryoma, standing and following Tezuka into Ryuzaki-sensei's office. (And it *had* to be serious if she had given it up to them for a private conversation.) Tezuka sat down at her desk and faced Ryoma. He had never looked quite so stern.

"Echizen," Tezuka said. "Few people know that I am by birth a descendent of a mythological creature known as the Veela which exerts a strong magnetic attraction on everyone around it. The Tezuka zone is a result of my ability to seduce all objects within a two-to-three-mile radius."

"Oh," said Ryoma, experiencing a strong surge of disappointment that until gene therapy became more prevalent he would have no hope of duplicating the tennis move. Biology sucked. But Tezuka wasn't finished. He straightened in his chair and coughed.

"The biological imperative of every Veela upon reaching adolescence," he continued, "is to begin the process of mating and reproducing the species."

Ryoma, being 15, perked up at the word "mating."

"Naturally I reached adolescence quite some time ago," said Tezuka. "Due to my tremendous personal sense of self-discipline I have been able to withstand the biological urges of my species and fight off the urge to mate until my chosen partner was of legal mating age according to most international laws." He stood up and crossed the desk and leaned against it, giving Ryoma a very nice view of his thighs. "However, the longer I resist, the stronger my need to mate has grown."

Ryoma lifted his cap. "Are you saying you're leaving the tennis team to go get married?"

"I'm trying," said Tezuka, "To prepare you for when I do this."

He pounced.

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