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Tezuka always said no one knew him better than Tezuka, to which Fuji always retorted: it wasn't how well you knew a person, but what you knew about them.

And how much you were willing to stick it to them when you felt like it.

For instance.

"Kaidoh-kun, you really ought to change your bandana. Haven't you worn the green one every day this week?"

He served the ball, lightly, because he was enjoying the tinge of pink in his opponent's cheeks, and wanted to taunt him the way only playing below his ability could taunt someone like Kaidoh.

"Sssssssssss." Kaidoh hit the ball back with twice his usual amount of attack, and muttered, "Fuji-senpai, you wanna talk after the match instead of later?"

"Oh, no," smiled Fuji brightly, going for a lob that was ridiculously easy to return. "I like to watch you multi-task."

Kaidoh's eyes widened, flushed to the tip of his nose, and hit the net.

Their eyes met. "Hnnn," Fuji murmured, and served again. It was match point, but he suspected Kaidoh had briefly forgotten this. The moment the volley was in place, though, he remembered, and Fuji could tell even from this distance the way his eyes sparked.

"Fuji-senpai," scowled Kaidoh, looking for a chance to hit his snake shot, "You really noticed my bandana?"

"Of course, Kaidoh-chan," Fuji smiled, just as Kaidoh went for the shot. "I always notice those things about you."

Kaidoh's jaw dropped just as the racket made impact. The ball curved around the net in a perfect arc, and Fuji had a moment to admire Kaidoh's improvement (no doubt a credit to Inui) before returning it firmly back over center court.

Kaidoh was unprepared, possibly because he was staring at Fuji with wide eyes, but he recovered and hissed "Fshuuuuuu" as he attacked the ball again. Fuji felt himself being drawn into the match despite himself, not because he was being seriously challenged, but because Kaidoh's energy was contagious. He thought about what Oishi always said--that he didn't believe in chemical imbalances, but in imbalances between people. It was an unlikely balance, this matchup between Kaidoh and himself, but it made a startling amount of sense.

They played, Fuji putting in a good effort but focusing more on the flex of the firm muscles of Kaidoh's arms and legs just before he swung than the game itself. Inevitably he sensed Kaidoh's pace shifting, and said quietly over the volley, "Kaidoh-kun, if you sweat a lot, there are better ways to cool down than bandanas."

Kaidoh hissed, returned the shot without breaking his rhythm, and said evenly, "Are you offering to give me tips, Senpai? I thought you were better at warming people up."

Fuji lobbed. "If that's what they need, sure. But I can teach you all the best ways to relax."

Kaidoh's face went even redder, if such a thing was possible.

Fuji opened his eyes and smiled. "Wouldn't you like me to relax you, Kaidoh-kun?"

The ball hit the net and rolled to Kaidoh's feet. Kaidoh didn't appear to notice.

Fuji's smile widened, and he held Kaidoh's hand as they shook for much longer than absolutely necessary.

"After practice, Kaidoh-chan?" he murmured.

Kaidoh looked at him in horror, and managed the tiniest of nods.

"Hnn," Fuji said, satisfied. This was sure to be one of the most interesting practices he had ever experienced.

And maybe, he thought, if Kaidoh was very cooperative, Fuji would tell him about the feelings he'd been getting lately...

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