Title: Funicular.

Archiving: just ask.

Rating: PG.

Date: January 2004.

Summary: Malfoy has Harry right where he wants him. Or does he? ca. 150 words.


Written for a Drabblesmith challenge. The word was 'funicular: Of, relating to, or operated by a rope or cord.'

The only time he was tied up, Harry was terrified. The cables chafing his skin, the vulnerability of his arms stretched high over his head, knowing that anything could be done to you, anything at all—later on it haunted him.

When he first tugged the rope tight around Malfoy's bony wrists, he hadn't planned on doing anything but leaving him trussed and bound to the Gryffindor Quidditch post. But as he yanked Malfoy's arms up over his head to wrap the rope around the goal, Malfoy gasped, just as Harry had done that day when Seamus had slipped the cords around his wrists and tugged them up over his head.

Harry had chuckled, “Are you afraid, Malfoy?” low in his throat, and when Malfoy responded with a shiver, Harry discovered that his plans to leave Malfoy trussed and bound had been slightly altered.

Malfoy never bothered him again.

And Harry never lost his love for funicular sex.

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