H/D Double Drabble For [info]90schild. Part of the 4christina.org drabblethon. 200 words.

Harry Potter had only to open his legs wide enough and lust-driven witches would come running like he was a sixpence carnival ride.

It wasn't fair.

"This will teach you!" Draco muttered lasciviously on the fateful day of his revenge. Potter looked concerned for a moment, but did nothing beyond yelp when Draco spun him around, leaned him against the wall of the conveniently deserted corridor he had chosen for the occasion, and spanked him.

"Can't run now, can you, Potter?" Draco cackled.


Potter, who had his palms pressed against the wall, turned and looked over his shoulder.

"Malfoy, what are you doing?"

Slightly thrown, Draco sneered and administered a third brutal slap to Potter's oh-so-keen-to-be-punished arse.

Potter began to laugh. "Is this supposed to be, like, a turn-on?" he snickered.

"Shut up, Potter," hissed Draco.

"Are you trying to make me your bitch?"

"Potter!" howled Draco indignantly. Potter began to howl with laughter.

“Oh, bloody hell,” said Draco, giving up and stalking off.

“Wait, Malfoy,” Potter called after him, an effort which might have sounded more sincere had it not been couched by incessant giggles.

“Hmph,” said Draco.

“Well, really,” said Harry, nonplussed. “You could have just asked.”

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