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Their roleplaying games had never gone quite this far before.

“Daddy,” gasped Yuuta, struggling for air, struggling to breach the flood of lust and heat and incoherence that was Syuusuke’s tongue sliding against his skin. “I—I can’t drink it, I can’t—my hands—”

“I’ll serve you, Yuuta-kun,” Syuusuke murmured, his breath hot and damp against Yuuta’s throat. He pressed against Yuuta’s body, and Yuuta shuddered. His hands clenched uselessly behind his back where Syuusuke had knotted the ropes just tight enough to pinch. “Your punishment should be severe, but the administration of it should be sweet.”

“Daddy…” Yuuta’s head dipped automatically forward towards Syuusuke, who caught his lips and kissed him until Yuuta had to break away and come up for air.

He tried to clear his head, tried to remember what it was like before he knew that Syuusuke’s skin tasted sharp and bitter like the rest of him, before he knew that he still had the ability to make his brother break into a smile without edges; but everything was hazy and unfocused and hot, and suddenly Syuusuke was putting the flask to his lips, and Yuuta felt himself tipping his head back and muzzily accepting the stufff, despite the alarms sounding faintly in his head that it might not be the greatest idea to incorporate unknown substances into their sex games, especially when he only had Syuusuke’s word for the content of said substances.

But Syuusuke was close, close, and murmuring against his throat, and the stuff was sweeter than he expected, and Yuuta drank and felt himself drowning, drowning in an ocean of sweat and heat and Syuusuke’s voice in his ear.

Inui pushed his glasses up. “Fuji,” he said. “Which bottle did you say you took?”

“One from the shelf marked Ovaltine,” Fuji said pleasantly. “Yuuta hates Ovaltine, but he needs it to build his energy levels. I assumed you had improved the formula slightly. He didn’t seem to complain when he drank it.”

Inui frowned. “Ah.”

Fuji opened his eyes. “What is it?”

Inui consulted his notebooks. “I don’t have any Ovaltine on my shelves.”

They stared at each other.

They stared at the shelves.

Then, together, they stared at the shelf marked: Ovulate.

Mizuki watched as Yuuta threw up for the third time that morning.

“Have you been skipping any periods lately?” He joked.

Yuuta’s eyes went wide. He threw up again, this time on Mizuki’s favorite shirt.

“ANIKI!” Yuuta demanded.

Syuusuke cringed and sidestepped his brother’s angry march into their living room. “What, no welcome kiss?” he asked lightly.

“What was in that stuff you gave me,” Yuuta hissed.

“Hmm?” Syuusuke murmured. “What did I give you, and when?”

Yuuta halted in his place and seemed to be concentrating on something very determinedly.

“Oh, Yuuta,” Syuusuke purred. “Counting to ten never works with you.”

“When? When?” Yuuta seethed. “When you—”

Syuusuke coughed and pointedly inclined his head in the direction of the kitchen. Yuuta dropped his voice, stepped in closer, and tried again.

“What was in the stuff you gave me,” he whispered dangerously, “When you tied me to your bed and made me call you Daddy?”

“You enjoyed it,” Syuusuke whispered back, eyes glinting devilishly.

“You spanked me!”

“You came three times.”

Yuuta sputtered. Syuusuke kissed him, with tongue. Then he broke away just before Yuuta was starting to forget that he was mad, just before things got good, and just before their mother entered with a pumpkin pie, exclaiming, “Yuuta! I had a feeling you might be dropping by this weekend. Mothers can always sense these things.”

Yuuta glowered at Syuusuke across the dining room table.

“Yuuta, you have crumbs on your mouth,” Syuusuke said.

Yuuta glowered harder, and shifted miserably in his chair.

Later, he let Syuusuke lick the crumbs away.

Syuusuke held the waste basket closer to Yuuta’s nose. Yuuta dutifully filled it.

“Has this been happening often?” Syuusuke asked him.

Yuuta was too busy vomiting again to answer.

“You know what I think would be good to try out with sex?” he asked Syuusuke later, having brushed his teeth repeatedly. “Asparagus. You could lick it off my stomach.”

Syuusuke did not immediately reply.

“Ooh,” said Yuuta. “Or brussels sprouts!”

Syuusuke excused himself.

“What do you know about medical practice?” Fuji asked.

Inui scratched his head. “Normally a person has to go to approximately 15.4 years of school to acquire the necessary skills for the practice of medicine,” he says. “However, I have compiled a significant amount of data relative to most basic medical procedures and events. Still, I would recommend alerting your family doctor before engaging in any alternative or non-mainstream medical consultation or treatment.”

Fuji stared at Inui with his eyes open.

“What is it?” Yuuta asked nervously.

Syuusuke looked guilty, and it took a moment for Yuuta to register the expression because it was an entirely new one for Syuusuke to wear.

“I have good news and bad news,” he said. “You might wish to remain seated.”

Yuuta scooted to the edge of his chair, just in case.

“You’re going to have to quit the tennis team,” Syuusuke said.

Yuuta blinked.

“What’s the good news?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, but you have to be a female to be make an appointment with the crisis pregnancy center,” said the nun blankly.

“Oh,” said Yuuta. He hung up the phone.

“I guess we’ll have to tell everyone,” he said.

Syuusuke’s expression cleared. “Oh, Yuuta,” he said. “We’ll move in together.”

“Ew,” Yuuta said. “You’ll totally push me out of the bed.”

Yumiko was the first to speak. “I’ve seen the tsubame gaeshi,” she said. “If I can believe that, I can believe this.”

Syuusuke smiled and slid his fingers across to Yuuta’s.

Their mother flinched. So did Yuuta. But he kept his fingers locked with Syuusuke’s.

“We can all go shopping,” Syuusuke said. “Baby Fuji will need lots of pillows.”

“Oooh,” said Yumiko.

“That’s true,” said their mother.

Syuusuke smiled.

Yuuta stared at their new apartment. “We didn’t need so many pillows,” he said.

Yuuta stared at himself in the mirror. “I’m getting fat,” he said.

Syuusuke slid his arms around Yuuta’s waist. “You look lovely,” he said.

Yuuta pouted, but relaxed slightly against him. “Aniki,” he said. “Should we, like, get married or anything?”

Syuusuke stilled. “Don’t you think we’re a little young?”

Yuuta hit him with a pillow.

Syuusuke placed his head against Yuuta's burgeoning stomach. "You can't feel anything yet," said Yuuta irritably.

Syuusuke smiled and placed his hand gently against the cloth of Yuuta's stretched shirt and rubbed his belly in a way that determinedly did not make Yuuta all fluttery. "Don't listen to him, Baby Fuji," Syuusuke said warmly. "Daddy Number One is here. You don't have to be shy."

"Daddy Number One?" Yuuta spluttered.

"Hnn," Syuusuke murmured. He lifted up the tail of Yuuta's shirt.

"Wait a minute," Yuuta said. "Why do you get to be number one!"

"Naturally because I was on top," Syuusuke said. He knelt down so that he was eye-level of Yuuta's belly.

"You can't see anything yet, either," Yuuta grumbled.

"Mmm," said Syuusuke distractedly.

"And what does being on top have to do with--with--" Yuuta gasped. "Aniki!"

Syuusuke withdrew his tongue from Yuuta's belly-button long enough to look up at Yuuta. "I just assumed," he said. "You always seem to love calling me Daddy."

Yuuta gulped, and said shakily, "Oh... I… do not love… calling you—oh, oh, Daddy...."

Fuji's smile showed teeth.

“We’re better without you, anyway,” Mizuki snapped, and hung up.

“He’s jealous,” Syuusuke said. “He always was.”

Yuuta sighed, and let Syuusuke surround him with pillows.

“We greatly miss you on the tennis team,” Tezuka said.

“You will always be a good friend, Tezuka,” Fuji said gently. “In another life, perhaps it could have worked out for us. But I, I have no regrets.”

Tezuka blinked several times and informed Fuji that he and Echizen had been dating since Ryoma had passed the age of consent in 66 countries.

“I just wondered if you would take pictures for the yearbook,” he said.

Yuuta entered the living room. Tezuka stood up politely, then stopped.

“I have errands to run,” he said.

“I’m a freak of nature, aren’t I,” Yuuta said when he had gone.

Syuusuke said, “What do you think? Girl or boy?” and nibbled on Yuuta’s ear.

“You didn’t think we would miss this, dane,” said Yanagisawa.

“Hoi, you’re doing great, Fuji’s little brother!” said Eiji. Beside him, Oishi and the other Seigaku members nodded, except for Kaidoh, who was clutching Inui and looking scared out of his wits.

“You look cute in a patient’s gown,” said Mizuki.

Yuuta stared at the waiting room full of tennis players. It felt sort of like New Year's.

Syuusuke smiled, and held his hand. His mother held his other hand.

“Just remember,” said Syuusuke when the contractions increased, and Inui and the midwife called Yuuta into the maternity room. “This is easier than tennis. You don’t have any returns.”

It hurt.

It felt wonderful.

Yuuta opened his eyes. “I think we should call her Kazan,” said Syuusuke, peering down into the bundle of blankets. “Here, Yuuta.”

Yuuta peered inside. Their daughter looked like a prune with eyes. She was beautiful. “Aniki,” he said after a moment. “I love you.”

Syuusuke looked up at him, startled.

“Oh, Yuuta,” he said, and smiled a smile with no edges.


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