This is for [info]ngaio, who requested Jack/Will.

Jamaica is muggy in the springtime and muggy in the fall and muggy in the winter, and it is isn't coincidental to Will that the three months out of the year he doesn't want to strangle himself with a mosquito net are the three months the Pearl is in harbour, her black sails shimmering as if the glint of mischief in Jack's eyes has worn off on them.

It takes three summers to convince Jack to spend a full night on shore. The first night he sleeps at the mansion, Will stays awake thinking about the scratch of Jack's beard against the silk pillowcases.

It takes three summers of watching the Pearl glide off into the distance like a rumour for Will to know that the fourth summer will be longer than the rest.

Jack is in his blood, and he will have to square.

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