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Rating: PG
Date Written: August 18, 2005
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Notes: Oshitari/Atobe for [info]svz_insanity. Dude. Don't ask, I... don't know. And yes, Atobe drinks mai tais(1) even when standing in front of the junior high tennis association registration booth.

A good captain never breaks his pose, not even when he has just been informed his teammates have forfeited the nationals due to too much sex.

"Ohtori and Shishido?" he repeats, deliberately swirling his mai tai.

"Completely immobilized after you made the mistake of letting them go back to Shishido's room together after drinking all that vodka," Oshitari replies unblinkingly.

"Gakuto and Jiroh?"

"And Kabaji," Oshitari says calmly. "You do not, I imagine, wish to inquire further."

Swirl, swirl, swirl.

"Looking on the bright side," Oshitari continues, "Seigaku is long overdue for an orgy. It's possible that--"

"Screw this," Atobe says elegantly, allowing the drink to slip from his hand and shatter at last on the sidewalk.

Oshitari smirks. "What are you thinking, Ore-sama?"

"That we have better things to do than wait around for Sakaki-sensai to show up," Atobe replies, slipping his hand around Oshitari's shoulder. Oshitari, though a head taller, has always been pliable. He complies now, allowing Atobe's hand to grace the back of his neck.

"That's wise," he says, "considering that Sakaki and Hiyoshi were last seen together, looking very drunk and very soon to be indisposed."

It takes a great man to focus on the important things at such moments, Atobe thinks. Anyone of lesser qualities might miss the opportunity before him, the opportunity to draw Oshitari away from the sign-in booth and follow the example of his doomed teammates.

Atobe's greatness, however, remains intact.

"Naturally, they will all pay," he says, when Oshitari has joined him in the shadows.

"Tomorrow?" Oshitari says.

"Tomorrow," says Atobe.

Right before he kisses Oshitari, Atobe thinks that there can't be any harm in sending a case of vodka up to the Seigaku hotel rooms tonight--just in case.

1. Respectful Draco Trilogy reference, plagiarism not intended

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