For [info]willysunny. A [info]fan_the_vote drabble. H/D, 250 words.

The Snitch was diving for the stands, right for the place where Draco Malfoy sat alone, his neck craned up and his palm outstretched; and since Harry didn't really have any other choice, he was diving after it. The Snitch, however, seemed to prefer willing captivity to being snatched out of the air, and landed solidly in Malfoy’s palm. His fingers closed instinctively around it, a split second before Harry careened out of the dive to avoid killing them both.

"Well," said Malfoy when Harry landed. He clutched the Snitch firmly.

"Well," responded Harry. He could see the wings of the Snitch fluttering frantically against Malfoy’s fingers.

“I overheard Thomas say once that in Muggle sports, when an audience member catches the ball, the players have to give him something,” Malfoy said.

He took a step closer to Harry. Harry backed away.

“What do I get, then?” Malfoy said.

“What do you want?”

Malfoy looked down at the trapped Snitch, then up at Harry. Slowly, he flattened his palm and released the Snitch. Its wings spread instantly, and it rose into the air, hovering just above Malfoy’s shoulder. Harry wondered why, if it was so eager to escape, it had flown straight for Malfoy in the first place.

“I’d want the victory,” said Malfoy, taking another step. His hips were narrow and jutting. They bumped against Harry’s own as he moved closer.

Harry suddenly knew exactly how the Snitch had felt.

“I would have given you that anyway,” he said.

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