Title: Swivet.

Archiving: just ask.

Rating: PG.

Date: January 2004.

Summary: A Pride & Prejudice drabble. Lizzy receives a (not wholly unsurprising, but very astonishing) letter.


This was written for one of the first daily word challenges at Drabblesmith. The vocabulary word was swivet.
Did I ever mention that my very first fandom was Jane Austen? :)

My dearest Lizzie,

I have some news which will, I fear, come as a terrible shock to you. I hope that it may cause you no pain, for I assure I am not injured—although I dare not hope the same of your husband, whom I fear the news will in no little part dismay.

I know you will be incapable of triumphing at my expense, though I suspect you will not be wholly surprised. Forgive me! I do not mean to alarm you, but I am still in a swivet as I write this. Rest assured I am well; the baby is well. As for Mr. Collins--

Lizzie, it appears that in my choice of husband I have proven wholly mistaken. When I told you that it is better to know as little in advance of the defects of one's partner as possible, I never dreamed that I would find myself with such a spouse and in such a situation.

To put it bluntly: your cousin Mr. Collins has gone off with Lady Catherine De Bourgh.

"Great God, I knew it," ejaculated Elizabeth in the greatest astonishment, formally resolving that nothing would ever surprise her again.

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