for [info]silverrangel, who requested Harry/Draco, low self-esteem, bruised egos, etc., with a happy ending.

this little piggy.

Draco couldn't help it. He snickered.

Harry went purple.

"It just looks little! Just wait a bit--it's not always this--this--"

"Tiny?" Draco cackled. "Shrunken? Shriveled?"

"Malfoy," Harry said dangerously.


"My penis," said Harry, "is not wee."

"It is," Draco giggled. "It's wee. It's a weenis."

Harry's mouth set in a grim line, and he began pulling up his shorts without a word.

Draco's eyes widened. "Wait!"

"Plenty of other people would be happy to suck the tiny cock of the boy who lived," Harry muttered, stuffing himself back in his pants. "But no, that's just not good enough for--"

"Oh, Potter, please. Don't you care that I love you for your mind and not your gargantuan dick?"

Harry paused and looked up. "You love me?"

Draco rolled his eyes. "Still want to suck you off, don't I?"

Harry beamed and yanked down his drawers.

"After all, I'll be able to fit the whole thing inside my--"


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